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For more than six decades, Brox Industries, Inc. has remained an unmatched local leader in asphalt paving, recycling, and construction supply for Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. With nine locations in two states, we provide exceptional local, personalized service and the finest materials. From hot mixed asphalt to aggregate building supplies – our products are the highest quality, and will get your project up to grade, quickly and efficiently.

At Brox Industries, Inc., we are also problem solvers. We have worked with every type of customer –from Federal and state agencies, to cities and towns, airports and universities, and of course, private businesses – to ensure the finest materials and services, and project management from start to finish. Our company has the capability to respond to your unique issues efficiently, and permanently, no matter what your needs may be.

Our competitors are international corporations and believe people want big names for big projects. But, they don’t know your company like we do. Brox Industries, Inc. has stayed a local area leader for so long because we see every client as an opportunity to create a beneficial relationship that stands the test of time.

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Paving Services

Brox Industries offers exceptional paving services and materials for every type of project. From private enterprise and local municipal projects to federally-funded highway commissions, our work ethic remains solid in our service to you.

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Recycling Services

Most of our locally-sourced asphalt products have been recycled, and reintroduced into paving and construction, in various ways. Brox Industries offers eco-friendly sustainable materials to reduce our impact on the world.

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Construction Services

We provide the highest quality construction services through our strategic planning, estimating and engineering, ensuring a streamlined timeline and within budget.

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Cold Planing Services

We are experts in preparing roadways for repaving or resurfacing.  We use state of the art equipment to provide milling and sweeping of all roadway surfaces.

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